Why Stop Exercising?

Over the years, my exercise habits have fluctuated (“Wait a minute” you say, “you work at a Personal Training studio! You can exercise whenever you want.” Trust me, after a 10 hour day, sometimes staying that extra half-hour, exercising just isn’t going to happen)

Right now, I’m on a pretty good schedule and I’ve been fairly consistent. After getting over the inevitable soreness of the first couple of workouts, I am actually enjoying my strength training routines.

OK, maybe “enjoying” is a little strong of a word. There is nothing enjoyable about the Leg Extension. Few things are tougher than using the Rotary Torso. And don’t get me started about the Leg Press!

What I do enjoy is when my wife says “Have you been working out? You look good!” I enjoy not needing to sit down for a bit after I finish cutting the grass because my legs are tired. I like that I can keep up with the kids in their many adventures. I enjoy that when I work out regularly, I don’t get sick.

Here’s the million-dollar question: If strength training makes me feel that way, why would I ever stop?

(Now I just have to get the diet under control!!)


Written by: Vertex Fitness Staff


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