Steve Berman, Client Spotlight

In 1999 Steve Berman walked through the doors at Vertex. Barely!

Steve is the owner of Berm Studios, the industry leader in trade show and promotional exhibiting. I’m sure you can imagine the long hours and stress involved in running a highly successful business. That combination usually means trouble.

Three months prior to coming to Vertex, Steve suffered a heart attack and endured a quintuple bypass. It was time to make things right!

He started off very slowly. Many of his first workouts were performed using nothing more than a broom handle. But Steve discovered the secret: He stuck with it!

You should see him now. He comes in three days a week, showing up early to ride the bike for 15 minutes prior to his workout and staying after to stretch. His strength training sessions are a study of efficiency. Dwayne is largely to thank for that. The strength progressions at Vertex are set up to work each muscle group to Maximum Effort using perfect form and then quickly moving to the next exercise. This method of training is effective and efficient. Just ask Steve!

“ I came to Vertex because I needed to start working out. I stayed because I believed in Dwayne and because I saw results. I still do, Vertex is a great place to work out. Because of my workouts, everything is better!” Steve Berman

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