January is the Month of New Year’s Resolutions

You’ve probably already seen about fifty articles and Facebook memes joking about how no one ever sticks with their New Year’s Resolutions and fitness plans. You’ve probably also seen another hundred tips and tricks about how to keep your New Years’ enthusiasm alive past February. But the answer is so simple, it’s painful: ditch the tricks, and get a trainer.

The name of the game is accountability. That’s how you turn your New Year’s Resolution into your new lifestyle. Six months from now, you won’t be telling folks that you made a resolution to finally get in shape, you’ll be proudly telling them that you have a fitness regimen, that you’ve been working out, and that it shows. Supervision has shown to be the biggest single factor in meeting fitness goals. There’s a few reasons for this.

The first factor is social. When you have an appointment with another human being to go and work out, you will naturally be far more motivated to avoid disappointing them than you would be to avoid disappointing yourself. That’s just how humans are hardwired. When you have a standing appointment with a personal trainer to work out at the same time every week, you keep it without thinking about it. You don’t drag yourself to the gym, you don’t shuffle your schedule around to make time, and you especially don’t wait until you magically “feel like it”. You just put on your sneakers and get in your car.

The second reason that personal training is so effective in meeting your fitness goals is financial. When you put your money where your mouth is and pay a few sessions ahead, you will be motivated to get your money’s worth. Believe it or not, this motivation is secondary behind the social aspect of accountability. We would rather waste our money than disappoint someone—which is why so many people sign up for a year’s worth of gym memberships that only get used three or four times.

You know how LA Fitness is going to be absolutely crammed the first week of January with people that you’re never going to see again? At my personal training practice, we don’t actually get a New Year’s rush, believe it or not. We get a few more phone calls, but the people that show up are here all year, not just in January. We don’t have visitors, we have clients who have gotten serious about their health.

I don’t need to tell you why it is important to make fitness into a routine, rather than an all-or-nothing dash. You get better results from working out once a week for the rest of your life than you do exercising three times a week for two months every year. The beauty is, after you build it into your routine, you’ll start to look forward to it. You’ll start to notice the changes in your body, and look forward to watching yourself continue to develop. You’ll enjoy the fact that you’ve gotten stronger. It won’t matter when you started, it will just matter that you started at all. That’s why, if you’ve broken your New Year’s Resolutions in the past, it’s more important than ever to get serious and get a personal trainer on your side. The best time to plant a tree was fifty years ago, but the second best time is today.


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