Lose Weight Without Losing Your Social Life

I have a work lunch this week, a friend’s birthday party this weekend…there’s always something. How do I keep my social life from wrecking my healthy-eating goals?

It’s not easy to have a social life while you are trying to lose weight. Not only is it hard to stay active when spending leisure time with friends and family, but there always seems to be food or drinks around to tempt you. Under everyday circumstances the occasional indulgence isn’t too much of a problem when you have a generally healthy diet and lifestyle. But what about when you are trying to lose weight? Will having one day off your plan ruin all your hard work? And where do you draw the line when there is event after event?

Let’s be realistic about it. Firstly, you have a weight loss goal, have been sticking to your program and getting good results so far. While you might not be at your goal weight yet, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on celebrating something important like your Birthday or your friend’s wedding! That’s right, the answer to how to lose weight while still enjoying celebrations is this: it’s ok to let your hair down every once in a while. Yes, you are allowed to have a day to go off track and not feel guilty about it.

Know that food isn’t always the enemy! While it is true food can cause weight gain if you are making the wrong choices, or eating too big portions, make the right choices and you can still delight your taste buds and shrink you waist line! A large number of social occasions will have processed, high calorie foods and beverages often making it tricky for you. So, a way around this to make it work for you is to bring something healthy that you know you can snack on and enjoy, without breaking your diet rules.

Some Tips:

If it’s pot luck, you’re in luck, because you can bring your own healthy fare. The best part about this is a chance to introduce the other attendees to a new dish that may become a healthy favorite.

Find ways to distract yourself from over filling your plate or going back for seconds. Pour a cup of coffee and sip it slowly throughout the party.Get controlled portions of your favorite foods and then go to the other side of the room. Lure yourself away from the buffet by focusing on meeting new people.

Don’t fast in anticipation of a party. That’s a sure path to overeating as you go back for thirds … or fourths.

Don’t order an alcoholic drink as soon as you arrive. Start out with sparkling water instead — add lime and it’s a look-a-like for a gin and tonic.

Too many alcoholic beverages can lead to out-of-control eating. Try to cut down — or better still, eliminate — alcohol. Focus on the music and catching up with your pals instead of drinking and eating.

Order an appetizer as your main course instead of eating both a starter and a main meal. Having a starter salad first and an appetizer as your meal works well — you won’t feel deprived.

Beware these high-fat menu buzz words: Cream sauce, butter, oil, au gratin, breaded, Alfredo, battered or batter-dipped.

Don’t worry about sounding picky; request your dishes be prepared in a more diet-friendly way and for extras like sauces or dressings to be served on the side.

If the dessert tray tempts you, offer to split one, but have the server divide it in half and bring it on two dishes to keep portions checked.

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