Positive Healthy Changes!

Have you tried and failed in previous years to maintain your resolutions?  Following these guidelines can help you achieve what you have been unable to accomplish in previous years. Set goals to help yourself achieve your Positive Healthy Changes and your New Year’s Resolution fitness goals.  Far too often, we set unrealistic goals for ourselves, and they come crashing down after just a few short weeks.  This year, make objectives for yourself that you know are within your reach.  Set goals that are S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely). Start off by targeting three days of physical activity during your first week.  Do not focus too much on the intensity, amount of weight, or distance just yet.  Use the first week or two as a guideline to train your mind and body.  You want to create a habit and retain the familiarity of performing a certain task.  That being said, do not convince yourself into thinking that simply walking around the block for five minutes is adequate exercise.  You want to challenge yourself, just make sure to not overdo it in the first two weeks.  Sometimes, a long-term goal can seem too overwhelming, and the chances of reaching that goal are slim.  Weeks three and four are where you want to begin your progression towards more difficult goals.  Set specific targets for yourself and make sure you obtain your objective.  Set aside the time, recruit a workout buddy, ignore the weather.  Do whatever it takes to make sure that you accomplish your short-term goals.  Don’t let your mind convince your body that you can’t do it, it’s too cold outside, or there is no time.  If you cannot dedicate the time and energy necessary, hire a personal trainer or sign up for fitness classes.  Often times simply having made an appointment is enough to force somebody to get up and get active.  Whatever you choose to do, just remember to set goals that are easily attainable, and follow up with more thorough and more difficult challenges in subsequent weeks.  Make this year the year that you finally stick with your New Year resolution.  Please feel free to share your achievements with others to help inspire their workouts.  Remember, no accomplishment is too small, and we can take great pleasure in reaching even small goals.

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