Curt Wilson – Testimonial

My name is Curt Wilson and I have been training twice a week at Vertex Fitness since August, 2013. I have always been active running, cycling, swimming, and weight training. The strength training at Vertex has taken my athletic performance to a new level. Vertex’s focus on isolating the (smallest) muscles has helped me to maintain proper form in everything I do. For example, my cycling leg drive and upper body stability has improved on the longer bike rides. My running form and knee stability has improved along with keeping the upper body “quiet” while running (proper arm motion). I work also workout at another gym, and the circuit training there is now more enjoyable because I am stronger and have more confidence in what my body is capable of accomplishing with weights. In addition, my time for completing circuits has been reduced by 10-15%, and I do not feel as exhausted after the 9-10 minute circuits. The most significant area of my body that has improved and aided my athletic performance is my upper back. I have discovered it is very difficult to strengthen the shoulder and back muscles without the proper form and technique.The sessions are very focused as the trainer stays with you for the entire time and I have 100% of his or her attention, encouragement, and constructive observations. They make hard work fun.

Curt Wilson

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