The Overhead Press

An Eagles running back takes a handoff and crashes through the line. He darts around his linemen and bowls over the Cowboy linebacker who is trying to prevent him from scoring. He dives into the endzone. The referee raises his hands to signal another Eagles touchdown. Also, the referee has just demonstrated the overhead press.

The standing overhead press was once one of the Olympic lifts. Poor form and injuries caused it to be pulled from the rotation in 1972. At the same time, the use of Nautilus machines started to become more prevalent. The overhead press movement could now be done in a safer, more stabile position.

The overhead press primarily targets the deltoids and the triceps brachii. The seat should be set at shoulder height. Initiate the movement by contracting the deltoids to “pull” the upper arm around the shoulder joint. As the elbow reaches the level of the shoulder, the triceps brachii will pull the forearm in line with the upper arm. The entire movement should stop just before the arms are locked out.

This is a great exercise for building upper body strength and endurance.


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