Performing Everyday Activities with Ease – Client Spotlight, Kathy Hock

With her sixtieth birthday less than a year away, Kathy Hock’s fitness goals have changed. Her whole life she has been centered on sports. Much of her physical activity involved running, cycling, and playing tennis. However, these days she is just looking to stay in the best shape possible as she ages. Kathy wants to continue to perform everyday activities with ease. That’s where Vertex fits in. While she has used personal training in the past, she realizes the difference Vertex has made.

Both her and her husband, Doug, have been training at Vertex for about two years now, and they both like the results. Kathy recounts when the two of them spent a week in Sedona going on strenuous hikes without the consequence of aching muscles the following day. In addition to this, she notices she is able to perform everyday activities without too much difficulty. Vertex has provided her a way to continue to stay active even if it’s not in the same way it used to be.

One thing Kathy is particularly concerned with is osteoporosis. Part of her reason for training at Vertex is to prevent this. At her latest physical, her bone density was well within the acceptable range for someone her age. She strongly believes her training at Vertex is a major part of these results.

One reason Kathy appreciates Vertex is for the care taken to ensure a safe session. For several years now, Kathy has been bothered by a recurring shoulder injury. In the past she has been forced to perform certain exercises with modifications and would even need to take time off from exercise because her shoulder would flare up. It would constantly disrupt her everyday activities. However, at Vertex, she does not need to exercise with modifications, and her shoulder feels stronger than ever.

Kathy admits she was skeptical when she first heard about Vertex. She did not fully believe she could get a full body exercise in only thirty minutes solely using exercise machines. However, after two years, Kathy feels strong and is able to go about everyday activities with ease.


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