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Do you suffer from hypertension? If so, you might consider adding strength training in to your life. According to Sue Beckham PhD, approximately 57% of the adult population suffers from hypertension; that being a resting blood pressure exceeding 140/90. Needless to say, someone (you) diagnosed as hypertensive should consult their doctor before starting a strength-training regimen.

Due to the nature of hypertension being a heart disease and being the primary risk factor for stroke, focusing on aerobic exercise makes logical sense to fight back against its symptoms. While it has been common belief that strength training is always detrimental with regards to an individual’s blood pressure, according to Sheldon G. Sheps M.D., the blood pressure spikes that occur during strength training are only temporary. Sheps also states that strength training has long-term benefits that outweigh a temporary spike in most cases. Obviously the ultimate goal is to help lower your blood pressure and this is what strength training provides in the long-term.

  1. If your doctor gives you the green light to begin a strength-training regimen, there are some important things to remember:
  2. Learn and use proper form to reduce risk of injury.
  3. Don’t hold your breath while training. Breathing should be done in a steady and continuous manner.
  4. Lift weights that are challenging, but still allow you to do a good amount of repetitions; 10-12 repetitions is a good range.
  5. Alternate between upper and lower body exercises. This allows the muscles time to recover so you will not risk overexertion.

A professional in the area of personal training is ideally who one should consider to ensure these fundamental and key safety points are met. Here at Vertex Fitness, we can promise that our strength-training program entails all of the four aforementioned points. Our training is productive, comprehensive, practical, efficient and most importantly safe.


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