Form Focus – Session 2.3

Today I came into the Studio with three hours sleep and a full day of work behind me. Knowing that the exercise was going to help me relieve my stress, I was excited to begin.  Today was about form and focus.

The leg lifts were done like a rock star. I really can feel my hip flexors getting stronger. The other exercises were hard. It was noticeable in my form that it was my focus that was the problem. Without focus and no energy, subsequently it is hard to progress. But, I realize even when I have trouble focusing and little sleep, if I give 100% of what I have on that day, I will get the most I can from the workout.

As, my trainer, Matt Brobust watched me struggle, he noted my form was a little off. The rationale behind the lack form is the inability to concentrate and focus due to lack of sleep and a long day. The lack of concentration may also be due to the time that I’m working out. He recommended that I should switch around the time for my workouts from the afternoon to the morning. Remembering when I started, and the fact that I know I’m more of a morning person, I’ve decided to start workout in the morning to increase my focus, and thereby increasing my fitness.

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