Loving on the Love Handles

Contrary to popular belief, everyone has abs. Whether or not a person can see them or not is another issue. Abs run from your sternum or chest bone down to the pubic bone. In order to see them, it is more a matter of shedding the layer of fat on top of them rather than performing abdominal exercises regularly. The “Love Handles”,  as they are affectionately called, are known as the obliques of your abdomen.

The internal and external obliques run down both sides of your abdomen. Many know the external obliques as a “V” shape that protrudes across the front of the Abdominals and Love Handelsabdomen, running diagonally down from the lower ribs to the pubic bone. The internal oblique is located under the external oblique, forming an inverted V from your
pubic bone to lower ribs.

When do we use these? When you are bending over to your side (torso lateral flexion), or turning your torso (torso rotation), to lets say pop a binky in the crying baby in the back seat, the obliques will directly be activated. The obliques are most often used when we are not thinking about it, breathing and stabilization being two of the biggest demands.




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