So many Exercise Programs to Choose From

I am going to take on a pretty controversial subject today, CrossFit. Not just CrossFit, however, but also every workout routine there is. If I scrolled down my Facebook news feed right now, I guarantee I find at least a few conversations going on about a specific workout whether negative or positive. It would seem that a person’s matter of opinion is the deciding factor of whether exercise programs works well or not.

People need to realize that individuals have different goals and interests. Is throwing 200 pounds over your head the, as part of your exercise programs, the safest thing you can do? Lets take the definitions of health, fitness and exercise from the book “Body By Science” by Dr. Doug McGuff.

  • Health is a physiological state in which there is an absence of disease or pathology and that maintains Vertex Fitness Exercise Programsthe necessary biologic balance between the catabolic and anabolic states.
  • Fitness is the bodily state of being physiologically capable of handling challenges that exist above a resting threshold of activity.
  • Exercise is a specific activity that stimulates a positive physiological adaptation that serves to enhance fitness and health and does not undermine the latter in the process of enhancing the former. The question is, what is your goal?

Exercise Programs Vertex FitnessIs your goal to simply lose weight, gain strength or just prevent health issues that have existed in your family? Many programs can help you to do so, but will the program you choose put yourself in a position where you can be injured and out of commission, hindering the process of improving health? Just because it works, does not mean it is the most beneficial for you. Is your goal to be a better boxer, to compete against others or to become an Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics? Find a gym where they promote those activities and teach the skills in order to become better at that activity. The point I am trying to make is that no program is the right program. One must examine their goals and choose which caters to their needs closest.

At Vertex, we only focus on what we found is universally effective to promote strength and health. It is about studying how muscles not only work, but also the most efficient way they develop. We want you to always stay moving in the direction of good health. Do you think you can work hard enough in a safe manner? Then we would love to show you how we do it!


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