Next Chapter – Session 2.1

My next chapter and first session at Vertex Fitness after the series for my Blog I was so focused and motivated I jumped up on the leg lift like I was professional. The first few minutes showed the enormous and improved difference in my attitude as well as my strength. I wore my new sneakers to represent that new start or new phase of my fitness regime

The first ten sessions were about broad paint strokes. The effectiveness of the once a week work outs at Vertex Fitness was enough to make sure my body was getting the stimulus it needed to change. Now it is time to focus and really work at being disciplined. This session was about focusing more on the details to achieve my fitness goals. The most important aspect of Vertex Fitness, so far, was being able to learn the difference among fitness, exercise, and activity. (See A Sophisticate at “V” Fitness)

Towards the end of the first ten sessions I noticed that although I was losing weight, I was feeling a bit dehydrated, it happens this time of years with the weather getting warmer. Also, I was not fueling my body enough. As I worked out I noticed that my strength had increased but my energy had not. I started drinking water but as I went to the last exercises I realized I by body needed more energy, I may need to take in a bit more food, possibly increase my lean protein.

Protein is essential to “feeding” a person’s muscles so that they can perform well enough to grow. For dinner, I bought chocolate protein powder milk and a bunch of strawberries. For dinner, I drank the most delicious and nutritious smoothie ever.

Forget FroYo, this summer. It’s going to be homemade protein smoothies all the way. Now, that I am continuing with Vertex Fitness, life couldn’t be sweeter! ;D

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