Don’t Be Tone Deaf

I will be honest. I probably know what you mean when you say toned despite not believing the word has a definitive meaning. You want that lean, defined, athletic body type. I get it. The problem is people are unaware of the scientific approach of achieving that body type. First obstacle is genetics. Our bodies have a genetic coding that says how much Tonemuscle we put on, how much fat we carry and how efficient our metabolisms are. It may just not be in the cards for some individuals to achieve a specific body type they see on a magazine. That should not stop you from working to reach your full genetic potential. Aesthetics is not the primary reason why individuals exercise, but to achieve the endless list of health benefits it provides.  That is why I say, “Don’t be tone deaf.”

Acquiring a lean physique takes the combination of two factors. One, we must gain muscle and two; we need to lose fat over top of the muscle. How do we lose fat? We must put ourselves in a calorie deficit, meaning putting in fewer calories then we are expending. Lets use this example that Ken Hutchins used to explain the idea well. A body on a calorie deficit is like a corporation on a budget deficit. One corporation that is on a budget deficit that has no unusual demands can afford layoffs in any department. These Tonedepartments would be fat, bone, muscle, connective tissue and nervous tissue. The other corporation operating on the same budget, has a large demand placed on the muscle department so it can only take layoffs in the fat department. The muscle is needed to satisfy the demand and connective tissue, nervous tissue and bone are needed for structure to also support the demand. This is how we dial in on burning fat over time while keeping that lean muscle


At Vertex, our protocol is to stimulate that muscle department in the most efficient and effective way possible in order to get the results without taking too much time out of our work and personal lives and still achieving good health and physical goals



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