Spot Reduction

1. the usually futile effort to exercise one part of the body, as the thighs, in hopes of reducing the amount of fat stored in that area. (

“If I want to lose my belly fat, I have to do more sit-ups.” Oh, how much easier my life would be if this one were true! Spot reduction is the hope and dream of those who don’t relish the idea of hard work and discipline and people who make the ab machines you see on late night television.

In case you don’t know, spot reduction refers to the burning of fat from a certain area of the body by doing exercises for that specific body part. Countless studies have been done that prove that the body doesn’t work like that.

Now, if you work a certain body part and that body part becomes more toned, the muscle will look better and it will seem as if spot reduction occurred. It didn’t, the muscle just got bigger.

In the end, know that your body will pull fat from wherever it wants, whenever it wants. The best way to target a problem area is to engage in a proper strength-training regimen and combine that with a modest calorie reduction.


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