In the Spotlight: Busy Mother, Alison Clark

Alison Clark was tickled pink. “Look,” she said, “you can see my tricep muscle! This is the best training I’ve ever had!”

Alison came to Vertex as a busy mother of two boys and was recovering from a shoulder issue. She determined that she needed one-on-one personal training to regain strength and mobility. She was also looking for a place that afforded a modicum of privacy. Naturally, she chose Vertex.

Alison trains two to three times per week. Suffice to say, she is pleased with her results. The pain in her shoulders is less noticeable. Her arms are stronger and more defined.

Because she has standing appointments at Vertex, she has found that she has been paying closer attention to her health. Consequently, she has lost a couple of pounds by watching what she eats and she has more energy to get through her daily routines.

Alison has seen many positive changes since starting at Vertex, proving once again that consistency plus hard work equals results!


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