Spotlight: Catherine Herrmann

Confidence. As an attorney, Catherine Herrmann exudes confidence. She has no problem getting information from a combative witness or providing evidence to a judge. Her confidence is not the boastful, arrogant type, but rather, the confidence that comes from knowing your job and believing in your ability to do a great job.

On the ski slopes, though, Catherine wasn’t as confident. She found that she lacked the upper body strength to pole off of the chair at the top of the lift. She found that her legs stayed strong after two or three runs down the hill, but her upper body wasn’t keeping up. Going skiing was not something she really looked forward to anymore.

In late 2013, she attended a networking event at the Lankenau Hospital. There she met someone who changed her life:a Vertex Personal Trainer!Catherine Herrmann

After her complimentary session, she was all in. She started coming to the studio one time per week and soon she noticed a difference.

Her original goal of improving her skiing morphed into seeing what else in her life could be made easier by strength training. Carrying laundry from the first to the third floor, while still a chore, wasn’t as taxing and she was able to carry a heavier briefcase to work!

Catherine feels that her life has improved because of her workouts. But she is quick to add that although the workouts are tough, the friendly staff and clients make the workout easier!


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