“Strength and Fitness for a Lifetime: How We Train Now”

“Strength and Fitness for a Lifetime: How We Train Now” is a collection of more than 40 individuals from across the country who have shared how they have fine-tuned their strength and fitness regimen to suit their goals and needs. Do not be fooled into thinking that this is some “old farts” catalog that discusses “this injury or that one.” And it certainly isn’t a “poor me” attitude that these contributors focus on as there’s very little mentioned of what cannot be done any longer. To the contrary, this compilation has a very strong focus on what CAN be accomplished. These individuals are not to be deterred by age or contraindications as they have found and established desirable goals and have stopped trying to put the “square peg in the round hole” as they’ve grown through the years. Sharing their fitness program in these pages is, to say the least, inspiring and thought provoking. There is much to glean from these contributors and when you think there’s no hope, read through these pages, knowing that no matter what, strength and fitness can and should be for a lifetime!

Fred Fornicola

Victoria Albano, Clarence Bass, Liam “TAKU” Bauer, Jim Bryan, Matt Brzycki, Mike Buckley, Glenn Citeronly, Mark Collins, Michael Conway, Charles Davall, Theresa Deckebach, Bill DeSimone, Fred Fornicola, Logan Franklin, Jeff Holt, Dan John, Sunir Jossan, Hank Kearns, Tom Kelso, Jim Kielbaso, Kristopher Kotch, Michael Lucchino, Tom Mantos, Jim Mardis, Dan Martin, Vicki Masterson, Keoni Ronald May, Steve McKinney, John Mikula, Andy Mitchell, Tom Mitchell, Bill “Wicked Willie” Peel, Bill Piche, Rick Rignell, Dan Riley, Dennis Rogers, Doug Scott, Bob Sikora, Peter Soderman, Janice Vale, Wayne Westcott, Brian Wilt, Dwayne Wimmer, Richard Winett


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