Strength Training for Injury Prevention

If we look at what is strength training we can see how it has been a part of sports conditioning for many years. It is a key fact for its effects on speed, strength, and agility and muscle mass.

Strength training is a very effective tool for injury prevention for a variety of reasons.

Strength training improves the strength of the muscles, tendons, and even the ligaments and bones. The stronger muscles and tendons help hold the body in proper alignment and protect the bones and joints when moving or under impact. The bones become stronger due to the overload placed on them during training and the ligaments become more flexible and better at absorbing the shock applied to them during dynamic movements.

When an area of the body is used less during an activity it may become weak compared to other areas. This can become a problem when that area (whether a muscle, ligament, joint, or specific bone) is called into play suddenly during an activity. That area cannot handle the sudden stress placed on it and an injury occurs. Strength training, using a balanced program, will eliminate these weak areas and balance the body for the activities it is called to do.

Muscle imbalances are one of the most common causes of injuries. When one muscle, or muscle group, becomes stronger than its opposing group, the weaker muscles become fatigued quicker and more susceptible to injury.

Muscle imbalances also affect the joints and bones due to an abnormal pull causing the joint to move in an unnatural pattern. The stronger muscles will cause the joint to pull in that direction causing a stretching of the opposing ligaments and a tightening of the supporting ones. These can lead to chronic pain and an unnatural wearing of the bones.

A balanced strength-training program will help to counter these effects by strengthening the weaker muscles to balance them with their counterparts.

This way we can say, Strength Training is a great tool to keep us healthy and in good form to practice either a sport or simply daily activities.

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