Why You Should Be a Strong Runner

Become a strong runner. The common belief among runners is that weight lifting will create a bulky physique for them that will hinder their running. I suppose a strongman competitor’s daily 10,000-calorie consumption has nothing to do with their colossal muscular build. The truth is that size is a part of a predisposed genetic layout. A runner’s physique is usually naturally long and lean and without the large calorie intake and genetics, they will never be adding on much size.

Strength training helps to prevent injury. Whether you’re running competitively or recreationally, you don’t want to be hindered by preventable tears or sprains. Strengthening the body with a systematic approach to create a balance in strength on both sides of the joints, will reduce most common injuries that come along with running.  Doing the same activity, such as running, over and over will create an imbalance of strength in the muscles supporting the joints. This imbalance causes undo stress and leads to many common injuries. Although all injuries are not preventable, strength training can help reduce the preventable ones.

Strong RunnerDon’t be alarmed if you get a little sore when you start a strength training program.  Soreness can be apart of a new training regimen, but will subside usually in a few days. During a consistent exercise program, soreness will become much less severe as your body adapts to the training. You can decrease soreness even right after a race by strength training because it will increase blood flow to sore muscles.

To become a more efficient and effective runner, add a strength-training program to it. Along with improved body composition, stronger muscles will help you endure longer runs and help prevent any injury.




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