Summer’s Coming!!

Its that time of year when everybody starts thinking about the summer, going to the beach and wearing a swimsuit. After the winter, most people are like, “I put on so much weight over the past couple of months. I need to lose 10 pounds. I think I’ll start walking.”

Sound familiar? It should. Its pretty standard advice that we’ve all heard for years as the best way to lose weight. However, research proving that low intensity, steady-state cardio for weight loss is hard to come by. In fact, going for a walk might just lead to weight gain!

For starters, your body tries to be was efficient as possible.If you go for regular long walks, your body becomes more efficient by getting rid of those heavy muscles you are carrying around. In essence, we slow our metabolism by walking!

Steady state cardio also stimulates your appetite! Does this sound familiar: “Oh, I just walked for 45 minutes, I can have that scone with my tea.” So much for walking to lose weight!

So what’s a person to do?!?! Strength training! A well-designed, properly implemented resistance training program (like the ones we do here at Vertex Fitness) will burn calories, strengthen your heart, and maintain (or increase) your lean muscle mass and metabolism.

Summer’s Coming, Hit the weights and get in the best shape of your life.


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