Testimonial – Jill Spelina

I have been working out at Vertex Fitness Personal Training Studio since June of 2010.  I had cartilage restoration knee surgery and while I was in the hospital the nurses were impressed with my ability to get around without putting weight on my leg.  I didn’t need them to help me get out of bed or to the restroom.  They asked what did you do to prepare for surgery and I told them worked with a personal trainer at Vertex Fitness.  They said they wished all their patients were as strong as I was.

During my recovery, I was unable to put weight on my leg for 10 weeks which meant being on crutches and not working out.  For those people who know me, I have been going to Vertex two times a week and not going at all was difficult for me.  However, the last 2 ½ years of training prepared me for my recovery as I was able to go up and downstairs on one leg and progress quickly in physical therapy.  I was back working out as soon as I was able to put full weight on my leg.   Vertex accommodated and supported my recovery by developing a custom program for me.  My recovery took another 6 months, but I continued to work out safely and effectively during this time, which made me happy.

Thank Dwayne and the staff at Vertex Fitness for truly caring about your clients!

Jill Spelina
Havertown, PA


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