Vertex Fitness Testimonial – 22 Year Old Villanova Student

Vertex Fitness.. I don’t think, in a written testimonial, I can do justice to how much Dwayne and team have helped me in my journey to fitness. When I started at Vertex, in November 2014, I was at 215lbs  and as of June 2015, I weigh 165lbs. The difference between the many times I have tried to lose weight and this time was the people that helped me through the journey. The Staff are all very friendly and never make any of my 30 min workout sessions boring. I know 30mins may sound short but trust me, if you go more than that, you would be crawling back home (As I did a few times). The workouts are always challenging but never too much that you don’t want to go back again. The trainers here are encouraging you all the time while also being very mindful of your form and technique. If you have injured hamstrings, for example, they will work around that area so that you can get maximum benefit from your workout sessions without further injuring yourself. The session times here are also very flexible; the only time Vertex is closed is Sunday! I would highly recommend Vertex Fitness to anyone and everyone who needs to take their fitness to the next level!

22 Year Old Villanova Student