“WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?”, John Gelety – Testimonial

“WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?” That is what I yelled/asked myself a few weeks ago when I realized the confidence in my strength and appearance was sliding. Sure, I work out every day but that’s just “working out.” I wasn’t training myself the way my body required outside of running intervals or climbing obstacles.

Quick backstory: I met Dwayne with Vertex going on 13 years ago(!). I started strength training with him and in a matter of a few months (if not weeks) I started to see results. I was getting stronger in all the right places. My confidence went up. My body responded to the type of proven training he and his team gives each client. Then life got in the way and after a few years I had to back off due to proximity of my job. But I am back now. And it was like I never left. Vertex’s new studio is awesome and full of energy. Dwayne definitely knows his stuff so I don’t have to ask if this exercise is right for me or if that move will help my upper body. It’s real magic that works.

John Gelety
East Falls, PA
Napco Media