Buckle Down

Halloween recently passed us by and the holiday season has started. This is a dangerous time in my house for one main reason: Leftover candy! My wife will want to throw it away before the kids find where we stash it away, but I always tell her that’s like throwing money away!  Time to buckle down.

Now that we’re officially in November, its time to buckle down on your workouts. The holidays mean lots of parties, lots of food and lots of “reasons” to miss a workout. I postulate that the workouts over the next three months might be the most important of the year.

I say that because you have been coming in on a regular basis, working hard, and seeing results. If you start missing workouts, nothing bad is going to happen. You won’t lose all of the muscle you have gained and your aerobic abilities won’t suffer too much either. You won’t gain weight because you skipped a workout, you’ll gain weight by eating too much. The big reason to find a way to keep exercising is to maintain the habit. It’s far too easy to get out of the routine of working out and once you’re out of the routine, its tough to re-establish the commitment.

The path of least resistance is tempting. Don’t let all of the hard work and dedication of the past nine months get waylaid by three months of general nuttiness. Talk with your trainer about the best way to maintain or altering your schedule to keep up the good work!