“Fall” into weight loss

The end of beach weather should not mean an end to any weight loss and physical fitness efforts. Fall is actually the perfect time to re-evaluate annual weight loss goals before the hectic winter holidays. By combining portion control, calorie reduction, sugar-free foods and beverages with regular exercise, you can lose weight without eliminating certain foods and beverages or embracing a fad diet.

Fall is such a great time to get back on track with weight-loss goals. You’re back in more of a routine after summer, and you still have several weeks before those diet-unfriendly holidays. Don’t wait for the new year to start your weight loss resolutions. Here are five simple, seasonal ways to slim down now.

Cue Up the Slow Cooker

The slow cooker can be a savior on busy weeknights when you’re too exhausted or busy to prepare a homemade meal. It’s a simple way to make a healthy dinner filled with tons of tasty veggies and lean protein. Cooking at home can save you major calories—research shows each dinner you eat out adds an average of 144 calories to your day, which can add up big over time.

Enjoy Active Weekends

It’s easy to eat your way through the summer. But fall is filled with food-related activities of a healthier sort, like apple and pumpkin picking. One medium apple packs fewer than 100 calories and more than 4 grams of filling fiber. Plus, these fruits confer major health benefits to boot. Studies have linked them to a lower risk of diabetes, healthier lung function, and protection against certain kinds of cancer.

Give Yourself a School-Night Bedtime

The sun is setting earlier and the kids have a bedtime to make sure they’re well-rested for school, so why not set one for yourself too? Make it seven to eight hours before you need to wake up and you’ll guarantee yourself enough sleep to feel better — and look slimmer. Sleep is especially important for your weight — skimping messes with your hormones, which affects your appetite and primes your body for weight gain.

Keep a food journal

It helps to write down all food and beverages consumed throughout the day to get an accurate picture of the number of calories you are consuming. From the bagel and banana at breakfast, to the salad dressing and roll with lunch and handful of mixed nuts before dinner, write down everything you consume. You may find that the calories really add up! These types of journals can help uncover hidden calories, specify eating patterns, highlight problem areas and, essentially, increase the chances of weight loss success down the road.

Stock your kitchen with healthy choices

Empty those cupboards of high-fat snacks or meals and replace them with nutritious items. Always have cut-up fruits and vegetables on hand and pair them with low-fat yogurt dip for an instant snack or side dish. Having healthy foods readily available makes it easier to work them into your diet.


Incorporate these tips and you will be on your way to feeling FAB through food throughout fall !

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