High Intensity Training Interview of Dwayne Wimmer by Dave Durell of High Intensity Nation

I have to thank Dave Durell for taking the time to interview me on the topic of High Intensity Training for his web site High Intensity Nation.  Dave is a professional who has been in the fitness industry for many years and has worked with the Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s with head strength and conditioning coach Mark Asanovich and has interviewed the likes of Mike Mentzer. When we started talking it immediately felt like we were old friends, trading stories and telling about our experiences. Before we knew it we had been talking for almost an hour, and we could have talked twice as long.

My History with HIT

I’ve helped thousands of people get fitness results using the techniques of High Intensity Training, so I had a lot to talk about with Dave. I got my start in high school, training for sports, like many others in this industry. I logged many hours in a hot, dusty garage lifting weights until I entered college and was able to experiment with Olympic style lifting and barometrics. I graduated with a degree in Health and Physical Education, and went looking for a job at a local health club after realizing that I wasn’t interested in teaching or working with kids.

I was first exposed to High Intensity Training at Final Results Fitness in the Gilbertsville area outside of Philadelphia, having never heard of it before. They were doing the Nautilus Diet Program with three supervised visits a week with a trainer, and as the new kid on the block I was able to work with all types of clients in this capacity. I became a student of the High Intensity Training philosophy, reading books and attending seminars whenever possible. A lot of the philosophy made sense to me, whereas a lot of the misinformation being peddled in our industry often didn’t make sense. I came eventually to the Main Line to work with Roger Schwab with Main Line Health and Fitness, and eventually to Villanova University as a Strength and Conditioning Coach in the late nineties while doing personal training on the side. In a few years, I was able to open Vertex Fitness Personal Training studio.

To hear more of my story and my history with High Intensity Training, you can listen to my interview with High Intensity Nation, here.

It was truly a pleasure doing this interview with Dave and I look forward to working with him on projects in the future. Thanks again, Dave!

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