“I probably pass 100 fitness facilities to train at Vertex Fitness”, Dennis Malandro

I’ve been working out at Vertex Fitness since February 2014, I travel all the way from Newark DE (almost an hour away) to do it, and I drive past tons of fitness facilities.  The reason I’m willing to do that is because both the staff and the equipment at Vertex are elite level.

Dwayne, the proprietor, has decades of experience over which he’s trained thousands of clients for whom he’s kept detailed logs of progress.  In addition to all this practical experience, he also has a deep theoretical knowledge of human kinesiology, muscle anatomy, and cell chemistry as they apply to exercise and the adaptions stimulated by it.

Probably even more important than all that though, is the intangible: the guy is just plain talented in this field, with an incredibly keen eye for even the slightest imperfections in form.  Proper form is necessary to achieve optimal results because it focuses the effort on the muscles being worked, not allowing other muscles to “help out” and compromise the stimulus that exercise is designed to produce.

Finally, he’s a nice guy who understands that different people are at different stages in life and in their physical conditioning, and that they have different fitness goals.  So he’s willing and highly able to tailor a workout program to the individual client, with the goal of efficiently moving them towards optimal fitness, but at a pace with which they’re comfortable.

I’ve also worked out several times under the supervision of Ray, an understudy of Dwayne, who is also a talented trainer with a passion for proper exercise performed in the most efficient way possible.

So, pass all those other fitness facilities and I suggest working out at Vertex Fitness, it comes with my highest recommendation.

Dennis Malandro, PhD
Newark, DE


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