Invest in Yourself – Sandy Kauffman, Vertex Fitness Client Spotlight

A relationship with Vertex Fitness really fell into Sandy Kauffman’s lap, more than anything. Due to Vertex’s large presence on the Main Line through networking, Sandy met a trainer from Vertex through a Bryn Mawr Business Networking International (BNI) event. “I really liked what he had to say. Years ago I had gone to a personal trainer so I kind of knew what to expect, and I liked it then, so I know it works….it’s worth it to invest in yourself.”

Sandy has worked as a jack-of-all-trades, currently selling residential real estate with Berkshire Hathaway Fox and Roach in Haverford. Before that, she owned a custom framing business and a candy store, as well as a freelance marketing business. On top of all that, Sandy is involved in a lot of community service work and non-profit fundraising.

As a way to enable her busy lifestyle, Sandy says that working with Vertex Fitness made her feel better. “I don’t get on the scale–I don’t own one. But, my clothes fit better. I’m not an athlete, so I’m not trying to do a 10K, I just want to feel better, and I’m not getting any younger. It can’t hurt to build muscle at my age so I don’t start breaking down sooner than I want to. I really love my work and I don’t want to get to a point where I’m not able to travel and do the things I want to do, now that I have more time and money and resources to do them.”

Sandy has lived in Philadelphia her whole life, as do her two grown sons. Her husband and high school sweetheart shares her love of all things Philly sports, including the Eagles, Sixers, Flyers, and Villanova. Sandy describes herself and her husband as serial entrepreneurs who have bought and sold businesses their whole life. Sandy started training in August of 2016, and advises her friends to invest in themselves through personal training. With a friend who was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and advised by her doctor to do some weight training to build up muscle mass, Sandy believes that it’s more important than ever to have a personal trainer as you’re getting older.

“In the gym, it’s so easy when you’re by yourself to bail out and say, “Okay, I’ll do one more and I’m done.” In regards to Vertex Fitness, Sandy tells her friends that they are “super, super professional, very focused on you specifically as a client. It’s not cookie-cutter philosophy. If you go to some other gyms, they’ll have a circuit, and you just do the circuit. I’d tell them how clean it is, and the quality of the equipment, and it’s what I’d usually call spandex-free. No one cares how you look or what you’re dressed in. I like the way they are very particular about the way they run the business and how the place looks. It’s quality all the way.”

For the money you spend in a week on lattes and eating out, you could instead invest in yourself, your body, and your well-being. Personal training is a very effective way to simply feel better in your everyday life. If you can relate to Sandy and are ready to invest in yourself, call Vertex Fitness at 610.525.6604


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