NOURISHED NETWORKING: How To Stay Healthy At Your Next Work Event

When 5 o’clock strikes and instead of heading to your home cooked meal, a night of networking awaits. If work events are a part of your regular routine – knowing how to navigate through your evening with nourishing choices is essential. Why? Because this means less time troubling over treats and more time making important career and personal connections with that captivating charisma of yours. Got an event coming up? Consider this:

Prep like a pro:
  1. Plan for it Chances are you know when these events will be happening. Take a few moments to plan your day accordingly. Eat small, balanced meals throughout the day – keeping blood sugar levels stable. This will make it easier to reach for the healthier choices and avoid overeating.
  2. Drink a good amount of water before the event so you don’t mistake thirst for hunger. Both of these suggestions will help prevent overeating.
  3. Don’t arrive at the function starving. A small, fiber- protein based snack will keep you satisfied and erratic choices at bay.
Network, Nosh & Nourish:
  1. Pick protein, healthy fats and veggies Shrimp cocktails, mini burgers, olives and guacamole are great choices. Load up on veggies – they are high in nutrients, low in calories and generally take longer to chew- helping with feelings of fullness. Winning!
  2. Eyeball your portion If your protein option is larger than a deck of cards or the palm of your hand, simply cut it in half.
  3. Skip the ho hum options If after your protein packed finger food you’re craving something sweet, scan your options and pick the one that is the calling to you the most. And enjoy it to the max!
  4. Stay mindful Work functions can be stressful – meeting new people, talking to higher ups. Keep in mind that stress shuts down digestion. If all you do is remember to chew properly, you’re doing yourself (and your tummy) a huge help.
Get back on track:
  1. Start fresh Even though you may have overdone it on food, drinks and sweets – it’s important to wake up with the intention of making nourishing choices. One evening of indulgence does not mean you get a free for all follow up day.
  2. If you went a little heavy on the booze make yourself a homemade electrolyte drink that will revitalize your whole body.
  3. Be kind to yourself So you had a few too many of… everything. Well, life happens. I urge you to, regardless of those choices, to be mindful of your self talk. Our bodies respond to kindness (not shaming and blaming). It’s a new day – and a new chance to make better choices. Make yourself proud!


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