Personal Commitment and Routine is the Key to Success- Client Spotlight, Mike Garrison

For Michael Garrison, routine is the key that keeps him coming back to Vertex Fitness, week after week. We sat down with Mike to find out what he finds most valuable about his experience at Vertex Fitness, and how he maintains his personal commitment to staying healthy.

Mike’s Personal Commitment

Mike is the owner of a contracting company with 35 employees. He grew up in the Philadelphia area, and went to New Hampshire College to study Marketing. Around this time, he started his business in his early twenties. Mike is married with two daughters, aged 11 and 13. Mike originally started going to Vertex Fitness back in 2005, after meeting Dwayne through a business networking event at the Mainline Chamber of Commerce. He was at a point where he wasn’t really happy with how he felt, and Dwayne was at the right place at the right time. As it turns out, Dwayne, the owner and founder of Vertex Fitness, and Mike had another connection. They played football against each other in high school, and they also turned out to share a birthday on June 16th. 

When asked what results he has seen, Mike says “Definitely improved strength, just overall feeling like I’m doing something to keep myself healthy. I’m able to do other physical things without being really sore, things I wouldn’t normally do every day. The personal commitment to not stop is what keeps me coming. The fact that I’m scheduled in, it’s like I have to do it. I keep coming back because I want to maintain my health, but the way you set the appointment is what keeps me coming back versus voluntarily going to a big gym, this is more of a personal commitment to doing it. The routine helps me. It takes away my own human element to break the routine. It forces me to come.”

Mike says that he was surprised at how effect a workout can be in such a short amount of time. “You can really in 25 minutes do everything you need to do, whereas you could play around in a gym for an hour. It’s focused and concentrated. You can get a lot done in a short amount of time.” When asked what advice he would have for someone in a similar situation who wants to make a personal commitment to staying healthy, Mike says “Don’t wait, act immediately to commit to it versus waiting to find the motivation to do it. Vertex is a great facility, the coaching that you get is way more than you can do on your own, and there’s flexibility with the times that you can go. And you get results. You can get much more of a complete workout in a half hour than you could playing around in a gym by yourself.”


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