Avenger Leg Press

Sorry for the Inconvenience

We are sorry for the inconvenience.  Many of you know  that when we are not training clients or out networking to get new ones, we have many other duties that help us further our business. One of these is maintaining a clean exercise environment. We vacuum and mop on a regular basis. We also wipe down the pads and equipment everyday.

Last night, we were tipping the leg press to vacuum under it (yes, it is heavy!). To make a long story short, it slipped. The jarring sound surely startled the girls downstairs. When we recovered from the shock of the drop and made sure that none of our toes was under the machine, we inspected the leg press.

To our chagrin, we found that the bearing at the pivot point cracked, rendering the Leg Press unusable.

I know that most everybody sees the Leg Press as an integral part of their workout and looks forward to performing the exercise. We will strive to get the Leg Press fixed as soon as possible. Please know that in the meantime, we have a multitude of exercises we can substitute to give you a great leg workout.

So, for all those clients who are looking forward to not doing the leg press today, Look at your calendar.  Happy April Fool’s Day!  See you on the Leg Press!!


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