Gerard McDevitt – In the Spotlight

The road to Vertex is a varied one. Some come because a family member comes. Some arrive because their doctor told them to start exercising. Gerard McDevitt’s story is a little different. He came to Vertex because he listened to the radio.

Gerard is a student at West Chester, a software engineer, a gamer and a car guy. Although he won’t say it, he is also an exercise guy. He usually works out three times per week. About a year ago, he felt like he wasn’t getting enough from his workouts. Driving to work one day, he was listening to Steve from WMMR’S Preston & Steve Show talk about his amazing workouts at Vertex Fitness. Inspired by his favorite radio personality and motivated to take his fitness to a new level, Gerard sought out Vertex.

He started coming to the studio once every other week. Having scheduled appointments made him commit to coming to the studio on a regular basis (as opposed to skipping his workout and going to Chipotle). Gerard found that he had more energy and was in getting in much better shape. The results he earned through his efficient and effective program spurred him to start coming in every week. Since then, his strength levels have increased even more!

Gerard thinks that the staff at Vertex is amazing. They encourage and push their clients to new heights each and every workout. Coming to Vertex was one of the best things Gerard ever did for his health. He just wished he had listened to Steve earlier!