Use It or Lose It

I am the family grocery shopper. Every Friday around 10 PM, I head out to the store to buy food for the week. Last week, I bought an eggplant.I thought I’d make Baba Ganoush or grill it or something like that. Long story short, I left it sit on the counter for a day or three and the eggplant got all soft and icky,”Use It or Lose It”.

I should know better. As a trainer at the Vertex Fitness Personal Training Studio, I tell people all the time, “Use it or Lose it!”

Of course, I’m talking about muscles, not eggplants, but it holds true in both cases. After the age of 30, we humans tend to start losing muscle mass, usually between 1/2 and 1% every year. This condition is called SARCOPENIA (note: it is a condition, NOT a disease!). There is no one root cause, but nutrition, stress, and activity levels all play a part. The best thing you can do to prevent or reverse the effects of sarcopenia is to engage in a regular resistance-training program. Lifting weights will not only keep your muscles strong, but will also strengthen your heart and bones and help enhance your flexibility!


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