Client Testimonial – Dean E. Burget, M.D

I am a surgeon with over 50 years of practice and still working, doing about 20 operations a week and driving about 20,000 miles a year to my three offices in Northeastern PA.  In 2005, at the age of 68, I found my blood Lipid (Cholesterol/Fat) profile was a Type B, which showed a dangerously high Cholesterol and Triglyceride (Fat Particles) level, as well as a dangerously low HDL Cholesterol.  I was advised by my physician, a Bryn Mawr Cardiology expert in blood lipid treatment, to take two medications (not Statins) and start a strength training program.  I was referred to Vertex Fitness Personal Training Studio and owner Dwayne Wimmer.

For several years prior to that time, I had noticed a progressive weakness in the use of my large muscle groups (Legs/Thighs) that caused me to push myself up after picking up the mail from the floor of my office where it lay after delivery through mail slot in the door.  I also noticed a progressive need to push myself up with my hands and arms when arising from sitting on a chair.  I thought this was normal aging, which it is, as our muscle mass decreases progressively from our 20’s onwards to older age.

Dean-Burget-Leg-PressThus, my wife (who discovered early Osteoporosis) and I began a Strength training program at Vertex Fitness, in Bryn Mawr, close to where I live.  The progressive increase in the load of various exercises (primarily strength training machines to lower the risk if injury and in crease the effectiveness and efficiency) has produced rather remarkable results.  I am noticeably stronger and can now squat to the floor to pick up mail and rebound with ease as well as never need to assist myself from arising from the sitting position.  The muscles of my entire body have developed and increase in definition; I have realized long ago my genetics can not yield a bodybuilder body.  My sense of physical well being has never been better since my youth.  My blood lipid profile is that of a 25 year old.  In addition my need for a drug to lower my blood sugar is no longer needed ad that is normal as well.Dean-Burget-Decline-Press-1024x768

I have realized to survive to the so called “Old Age”, one must work to stimulate and increase muscle mass to keep it intact and the body functioning.  In my case, I have been entirely successful, with the help of the strength training I do at Vertex Fitness.  I will continue this activity as long as I live.  I am grateful to Dwayne, Vertex Fitness, and the entire staff for their knowledge, years of experience and their ability to marry the science of exercise with the personal and practical delivery system that will keep me coming back for years and years.

Dean E. Burget, M.D
Yale University School of Medicine 1962


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