In the Spotlight with Holly Morrison

It started with “Hello”. In March 2010, Holly Morrison met Kelly, a Vertex employee, at a networking event. After some brief break-the-ice chitchat, Holly was invited over to Vertex for a complimentary session. The rest is history.

Holly is one of the top residential and investment property specialists for Berkshire Hathaways Home Services Fox Roach Realtors. One of the things that make Holly so good at her job is her attention to detail. She strives to meet her clients’ exceptional goals with effective communication, dedication and integrity.

This made her a natural fit at Vertex. She likes the concept of quick efficient workouts and she loved the idea of being held accountable by having set appointments.

Since she started working out twice per week, she has noticed that not only has her muscle tone improved, but also her balance is better! This is especially important when she goes out hiking. She is able to recover from slips and stumbles more easily.

Holly has been a wonderful addition to the Vertex family. She attends all of our events and has been one of our most consistent clients. If you need real estate advice or if you need to know the best place to get a great workout, ask Holly!


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