Summer Strength

Summertime is here (did we even have a spring?)! Summer is such a great time. I look forward to working out in the yard, taking the kids to the pool and seeing all of our friends out and about in the neighborhood. I also look forward to going to many bar-b-ques, and baseball games. In short, I like everything about the summer! Time to build summer strength.

Because summer is geared toward being more active, people sometimes curtail their fitness regimes (NOT Vertex clients, though). I often hear, “I’m going to ride my bike, I don’t need to lift right now,” or “I’ll be in the garden everyday, I don’t have the time for a workout.” While I am glad that people are out doing something, they still need to strength train to maintain what they have built up over the course of the fall/winter/spring. Think of it like a firepit (where you can make s’mores!). If you don’t periodically add wood, it dies out. Same thing goes with your muscles.

The best thing you can do to main your exercise routine over the summer is to hire a personal trainer. With a trainer, you can have an appointed time to work out each week. This allows you to build your schedule around your exercise and not have to miss anything or give something up. Also, a trainer will make you work harder than you could work by yourself. The harder you work, the less time you need to spend doing it. I would much rather work hard for 30 minutes than spend one hour by myself and not get as much out of it.


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