I am an Occupational Therapist and work with children ages 3-5 that have special needs. My work is physically and emotionally intense. In my free time, I coach Little League, youth basketball and enjoy keeping in-shape by running and playing various sport activities with my 12-year old son. However, before my workouts at Vertex Fitness, I noticed that the quality of my performance began to slip. I began to concede and believed that age was catching up to me.

I was fortunate to connect with Vertex Fitness. Being a runner, their first question to me was “have you ever done strength training for your legs”? I said no, I thought running strengthen my legs. I quickly discovered that I lacked the knowledge of what my body needed. I essentially lacked muscle strength.

After just two sessions I noticed a difference in my legs. All aspects of my working and playing life were enhanced! After six months of training just one time a week, I realized I was stronger, have more stamina, endurance and energy to perform all of the daily activities that are important to me. I can’t imagine NOT training.

Treat yourself and go to VERTEX. Every personal trainer is A+! I guarantee that you will be supported in transforming your life!

Thank you Vertex Fitness. I trust you completely.

Chuck Gallagher