David Broida TestimonialSeptember 8, 2009
Thanks to Vertex Fitness for helping me get in shape to climb Gray’s Peak in Colorado, at 14,270′. Stretching and strength conditioning put my muscles in shape, along with the mental conditioning at Vertex – “You can do it, David” – that put me on top of Colorado. What a gorgeous view! Thanks again, Vertex!

December 27, 2009
Vertex Gang – out here at Beaver Creek/Vail,
and once again, just like last summer’s climb of Grey’s Peak at 14,270′, credit goes to you. No pain, no stress, no burning in my legs, no weak right knee. Instead, I keep up with the kids and grandkids for the first time in years, my right and left turns are equally good, I can ski (small) mogul fields, and later, I’ll be hitting some pretty steep slopes. And – at nite, still no pain, stress, or soreness. Amazing! So, THANKS to Vertex Personal Fitness for helping get me in shape for my best ski season in a long time. I’ll be back out here in February for more

February 17, 2010
Vertex Fitness – thanks again for a great skiing vacation. First Tracks at Vail on a day with 16″ of fresh overnight powder is a treat not to be missed, but only with Vertex training was I able to plow through the deep powder. Even with Vertex, still a little powder burn. I took a pass on Vail’s back bowls – I’ll probably need more Vertex to be ready for that, but the conditions were amazing. I’ve never worked harder in snow, nor have I ever skied such great conditions. Thanks to Ken and Becky and Lisa, too, for not leaving me in the dust. And – thanks to the Vertex staff for getting me on the mountain in the first place.

April 2, 2010
For the past many years, I’ve been unable to hit a golf ball the way I used to – low 80’s. Unable to swing the club fully, and unable to get loft, and unable to break 100. Now, after personal training at Vertex Fitness, my swing is back, I can hit a driver with loft, and I broke 100, with a 45 on the back nine. I think I’ll be breaking 90 this summer, thanks to Vertex Fitness.

April 11, 2010
A few years ago, after running with pain and unable to complete a 5K race, and after x-rays, MRI’s, a workup at Rothman Institute, chiropractor visits, physical therapy, cortisone shots in my lower back, etc., I was told by medical professionals I’d never run again. Now, after 8 months with personal training at Vertex Fitness, I can run. Just ran 5 miles last week, and I’m signed up for the Broad Street Run in May. Thanks again, Vertex Fitness.

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