It has been my pleasure to work out at Vertex Fitness. Over the years I have tried numerous different types of activities to keep in shape. This included the obligatory gym memberships, as well as various home workouts. None of these activities were successful or provided the benefits of Vertex.

The difference is the ability to have a customized training program that is specifically geared to my training needs – strength, flexibility, endurance, etc. All of the individuals that I have worked with at Vertex have the experience and commitment to help me achieve my goals. By creatively changing the sessions on a regular basis (yet maintaining the focus on my goals), they are able to keep me motivated and interested.

I also appreciate the no-nonsense state-of-the-art facilities, which allows me to get a whole-body workout is as efficient a manner as possible.

I feel better than I have since college and have whole-heartedly recommended Vertex to my friends and colleagues (many of whom are now clients)

Jay D. Seid