Bryn Mawr College Student Changes Her Life with the Help of Vertex Fitness, Katy Holladay’s Testimonial

After two months of pondering and procrastination I finally took advantage of a free consultation, set foot in Vertex Fitness during October 2013, and found the greatest community of trainers. I am 19 years old, a college student who needs to lose weight and get in shape. As a student I would always make excuses for why I wasn’t getting into the gym: too much homework, too tired, too late, too early, no time, etc. But I realized this year that there are many things I want to do in my lifetime and in order to do these things I needed to change my lifestyle now. Otherwise, I would be limited in my abilities to achieve all of the things I want to experience. Vertex Fitness gave me a way to schedule short, effective workouts and actually see and feel results. I’ve worked with many of the trainers and have enjoyed every single one of them. While all of my workouts are consistent and safe, getting to work with the different trainers introduces a new focus and approach with each workout. I am never disappointed and always look forward to the next session. Since October I have changed from someone who struggled to climb a flight of stairs to someone who sprints up and down stairs like they’re nothing. I am constantly amazed at how much stronger I grow each week. I’ve always wanted to live a strong, healthy, and happy lifestyle and Vertex Fitness is helping me do that every day.

Katy Holladay
Bryn Mawr College Student


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