I started at Vertex Fitness with the intention of learning how to exercise and take that knowledge to a local gym and work out on my own, I know other Vertex clients do this. I originally made a one-year commitment to myself. After that one-year and losing over twenty-five pounds, I made a commitment to continue at Vertex.

I am soon to enter my fifth year, I have lost over sixty pounds, lowered my blood pressure twenty five basis points on both the top and the bottom numbers, lowered my cholesterol by at least 40 points, and reduced my pants size over 6 inches. I have more than doubled my sales production at work, been promoted, and enhanced my social and family life.

My time investment is only forty-five minutes twice a week. I have recurring time slots; which enables me to work my busy schedule around my workouts and show up each week on a consistent basis. I feel better when I workout consistently and don’t miss an appointment. The results and benefits more than outweigh the cost.

David R Rau
Wells Fargo