I was a client at Vertex Fitness in Bryn Mawr for several years and due to travel and work obligations found it necessary to stop for about a year.

I train to enhance my life because for me maintaining my strength, agility and sharpness is very important. I believe that when I have strength training in my life many other things fall into place.

When my schedule clamed down and I was able to resume training, I decide to check out other facilities before making a commitment to any place.

I checked out three or four other fitness centers and found that either their size was too big (at one well known fitness center the parking situation was horrendous! I didn’t need that aggravation…) or they were too small and seemed somewhat understaffed and not able to spend enough quality time with me.

Vertex Fitness remained the best choice for me it allows me to work with a verity of trainers rather then just one. It gives me a chance to benefit from different workout perspectives and difference personalities. I am also able to schedule Vertex into my schedule, sometimes at the last minute, and not the other way around.

It was like coming home and very comfortable for me that meant a great deal.

Roni Hammer-Harkins
Gladwyne, PA