I met Dwayne about 20 years ago when he was a trainer at a club in Boyertown, PA, early in his career. We met again this past Winter, and invited me to come in to Vertex for a complimentary session. A few years ago I became certified as a trainer through the NSPA, but I recently was not achieving the results from my own sessions, I was looking for. Dwayne assisted me with four important insights (1) the power of the mind over the body, (2) achieving and demonstrating proper technique, (3) educating me on how muscles work, and (4) ensuring muscle specificity with each rep on each exercise. By applying these principles, I have climbed to a new level with no plateau in site. I am re-engaged in my strength training sessions, and the sky is the limit to what I can achieve.

Thanks Dwayne and the Vertex Staff.

Randy Eck
Boyertown, PA