Prior to starting at Vertex Fitness I met Dwayne on multiple occasions at business functions. I was apprehensive about starting any type of exercise program due to several physical limitations: I had a torn meniscus in my right knee as well as low back, neck, and shoulder pain. I didn’t think I would benefit from personal training because of my physical limitations and pain. However, after training at Vertex, the results have been amazing! I have committed to training at Vertex Fitness, doing 2 or 3 sessions each week. My knee, back, and neck pain are gone completely! The level of professionalism provided by Dwayne and the Vertex staff is invaluable. The whole staff strives to meet at every level the personal capabilities of each client.

What I thought I never could have done I have achieved. My energy level has increased ten-fold. I am been better able to run my business because I have more energy and Vertex is always ready to accommodate to my schedule.

Above all, people comment, “What is different about you? There is something different, you look fantastic!” I owe it all to Vertex Fitness!

Paula DeSanctis Bonavitacola
DeSanctis Busibers