I have been training at Vertex fitness since late 2009. Life is busy (work, children) and it is difficult to make time for exercise. Vertex’s program is 1) Efficient – challenging and with results and 2) Flexible – team-based approach means that any trainer can guide your workout and clients are not assigned to a single trainer (and their respective schedule). The continuity and flexibility of Vertex has facilitated my commitment to fitness. Dwayne and his staff are professional, friendly and genuinely focused on each client’s goals.

About a year ago, I severely injured my right shoulder and required reconstructive surgery and months of physical therapy. The team at Vertex accommodated and supported my recovery. While unable to lift upper body for some time, I was still able to exercise legs and core. Vertex actually coordinated with my physical therapist to determine a safe and effective way to resume my workouts. Continuing my Vertex workouts while recovering helped me on many levels. When I could exercise with my shoulder again, Vertex developed a custom program that gently challenged and strengthened my shoulder. I am now back to my pre-injury strength level and am more motivated than ever. Strength training is an important element of my fitness program and has improved my abilities in the other sports I enjoy such as yoga and skiing.

Sarah M.
Bryn Mawr, PA