I work full-time and have two young kids. I had not worked out regularly for many years and was seeing and feeling the neglect. I decided that to make a change, I had to invest in it and schedule it to make sure it happened, and that’s how I found Vertex. I had never lifted weights before and felt pretty intimidated when I first saw all of the equipment. But all of the trainers at Vertex are great, they are knowledgeable and encouraging and I love working out with different people because you learn something different from everyone.

I’ve been working out at Vertex 1-2 times/week July of 2009 and I have seen huge improvements. My lower back aches are a thing of the past, which I attribute to the strength developed in my core. Building core strength also improved my posture and revealed muscles on my back that were never visible before. And the little fat pockets above my knees are gone too. My knees were also a problem, aching whenever I wore heels and giving me a good excuse to stop running as well. By strengthening my legs and hips, I’ve seen real improvement in my knees and have been wearing heels again without knee pain. And I’m running again too. Thanks Vertex!

Dee Dee Litvin
Bala Cynwyd, PA