I have been training at Vertex Fitness 2 to 3 times a week since February 2007. I continue training at Vertex, not just because of the expertise of all of the trainers, but also the professional facility. The size is just right, small enough to give me the individual feeling I need, but big enough to house all the exceptional equipment needed for a complete workout. The facility is well lit and comfortable which provides a relaxed but encouraging atmosphere to meet my goals. 

My goals of firming up and strengthening my whole body were what took me to Vertex in the first place. The staff focused on what I was looking to get from a workout from the first time I stepped into the place. In a short time, I noticed an increased muscle tone and strength in my arms, legs, abdominals, low back and torso. The lost inches in my waist, which was something I was looking to achieve, also. There is always a concern and focus for what I want to achieve and an ongoing training plan is implemented to ensure that I reach my goals. At Vertex, they focus is on my fitness training from the moment that I arrive until the moment I leave. I look forward to my session each time I have one scheduled.

My right shoulder is separated as a result of an injury, and surgery to have it repaired failed. Recent x-rays show that the amount of separation of the clavicle to the shoulder has actually diminished as a result of muscle strengthening over the separation. My doctor and I were both amazed at this unexpected benefit!

As a result of my training at Vertex Fitness, I believe I received a bonus of more physical stamina and self-confidence, which is apparent in both my personal and professional lives. At age 58, I feel that my overall health is improving instead of the inevitable decline that comes with age.

Elio Waserstein
Bryn Mawr, PA